Yes we give great service but the reason why we are here after almost 50 years is because of  our amazing clients so we are going to start sharing their stories. Here’s a great one to kick off Stories From The Garage Front it happened just yesterday…

Yesterday morning Linda called letting us know her car wouldn’t start so Gregg went over right away, jump started it and she was able to drive it to the shop. She came in very concerned about how she was going to get to work but we reassured her that she’d be back on the road in 40 minutes. You see, Linda is a Pediatric Hospice Nurse and she had 4 families expecting to see her  so getting back on the road was imperative. The families she sees don’t want her calling to tell them she’s “having car trouble” they don’t care they just need her and now. As a matter of fact, one parent hung up on her that morning when she called to say she was delayed. Linda of course was not shaken by that she understands their reactions and knows how much they need her help and that there is no time to waste. So true to our word we got her back on the road and headed to those special families in 40 minutes.

We haven’t seen Linda in quite a few years because she’s been having her car serviced by the dealer for warranty reasons who told her to tow it in when she called for help. Fortunately for us her warranty is up those $140 Oil Changes just can’t be justified anymore.

So Linda we’ll see you next time you need maintenance. Until then take good care of yourself, those children and their families… they’re lucky to have you !