Lower temps mean you need to keep your tank full and make sure your battery doesn’t need to be replaced. If you are prone to battery trouble please keep jumper cables in your trunk and review this information on how to connect them properly …if this doesn’t work call us for assistance 630.469.9222.

According to WikiHow here’s how to Jump-start the battery. If the starter turns very slowly, or not at all, your battery is probably dead. It’s now time for a jump-start. You will need a set of jumper cables and a willing volunteer with a running car.

  • Position the running car as close to the car with the dead battery as possible, with the bonnets facing each other, if possible.
  • Look for the + and = symbols on the jumper cables and connect the one with the+ symbol to the positive terminals on both the running car and the car with the dead battery. Attach the cable with the = symbol to the negative terminals.
  • Once the cables are connected, rev up the engine of the running car for a minute or two, getting the engine to an increasingly higher RPM.
  • Try to start the car with the dead battery. It may take longer than usual. If it doesn’t work on the first try, double-check to make sure the jumper cables are connected properly before trying again.
  • If the car still won’t start after a couple of tries, your only other option is to call for service.