Finding a mechanic you can trust can be difficult at best for many women who don’t know or want to know the first thing about what’s under the hood. However, since 54% of the female population is single  women need to be able to find an Auto Repair Shop they trust. Here are some suggestions on how to find the right mechanic for you and your vehicle.

ASK YOUR FRIENDS – referrals are the best way to find the best hair stylists and restaurants why not the best mechanic. Ask your friends who they use and trust.

DEALERSHIP VS. INDEPENDANT – First you should know that your warranty is not

ANGIE’S LIST –  Angie’s List is a great place to find Auto Repair Shops because the reviews are not paid for and they are brutally honest…if they didn’t like the service you will know. The businesses that take this seriously are working hard to make sure they’re customer service is Number 1 and their clients are happy. Plus you can use Angie’s List to find other service providers for your home & hair.

DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH – For those of you who like to up on the Internet.  Then you’ll know the difference between an air hose and a muffler and understand what kind of repairs are necessary or not.

BRING A FRIEND – Don’t want to study? Then bring a friend who’s knowledgeable the first time you go in so you won’t feel like you’re being taken advantage of with needless repairs.

WATCH YOUR ATTITUDE – Don’t go in expecting to get ripped off with a chip on your shoulder…no one will want to help you. Instead have a positive attitude and you’ll be pleasantly surprised…maybe even impressed.

ASK FOR A WRITTEN QUOTE – Make sure you receive the estimated repairs in writing before agreeing to the service that way there are no surprises.

LOOK AT THE REPLACED PARTS – We always make sure that our customers see the parts we’ve replace so we can point out why they were replaced…dirty filters, etc. You should be shown these by your mechanic so you know they were a necessary service.

LADIES DAY – Find out if your Auto Repair Shop offers specials to women on certain days this means they value your business. We made Wednesdays Ladies Day at J&R Auto Repair…10% off your Oil Change.

Finally, take your time and try not to get frustrated there are many reputable, trustworthy auto repair shops out there who would be happy to make sure your car is safe and road ready.

Remember if you’re in the Western Suburbs Chicagoland Area and need an Auto Repair Shop you can trust call us at J&R Auto Repair…Customer Service is our #1 priority. Call 630.469.9222 for your free inspection.